1. Do you have a paper catalogue?

All of our products are featured on our website, including a description, price and recommendation. Please check our website on a regular basis, we have new products every month. To receive a paper catalogue, please send us an e-mail.

2. Do you rent equipment to individuals?

We do! For events like weddings, parties, Bar Mitzvahs, etc. …

3. Do you deliver everywhere in France?

Yes, we do. 24/7 from our warehouses located off of the A1 thruway.

4. Do you sell furniture?

We are a brand reseller for SLIDE and KARTELL and offer competitive prices.
We are committed to renting quality furniture, therefore items are regularly replaced and sold in private sales to individuals.

We recommend that you check out Loom Spirit, our partner website, who specializes in manufacturing and selling sustainable furniture tastefully incorporating reclaimed wood and metal. Just like DECOROOM, all of their furniture is manufactured in France.

5. Can you give recommendations on which furniture to rent and how to arrange it?

We are not just a rental service, we pride ourselves in helping you showcase your space for any type of event. With your specifications in mind, we will provide you with a custom proposal in a 2D or 3D format.

6. What makes you different from other rental companies?

The quality of our furniture, our custom service and our comprehensive, unique and original range of furniture.


1. Do you have ecofriendly furniture for rent?

We have designed a whole range of furniture made of reclaimed wood that is manufactured in our own workshops. We offer the widest range of furniture in this specific market.

2. Do you provide quality furniture?

The quality of our products is our number one priority. We check every piece of furniture before renting it and upon return. Any furniture that no longer meets our quality standards is immediately removed from our stock.;.

3. If I cannot find what I am looking for on your website, can you still help?

Of course! Our sourcing service can help with almost any request. We are also able to manufacture custom-made furniture, according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us!

4. Is your furniture up to standards as regards to fire-resistance?

Over 90% of our products have received M1, M2 or M3 fire classification.

5. How many items do you offer?

Our website has over 500 items and 7,000 products with new ones added every month.

6. Do you rent accessories such as refrigerators, trash cans, display cases, etc.?

Yes! We even rent coffee makers, office easels ballot boxes, etc. You will find all these items under the Accessories section of our website.

7. Can the furniture be seen before renting it?

Of course! Whether you have an appointment or not, stop by our warehouse in Lille to see, feel, choose or get recommendations on which furniture to rent.

8. Is the light up furniture powered by a rechargeable battery?

All of our light-up furniture is powered by LEDs with a 10-hour life. A remote control lets you change color, intensity and visual effect.


1. How much do you charge for delivery?

It all depends on the delivery distance and size of the truck (from 8 to 80m3). The quote automatically includes the delivery fee.

2. Can you deliver at a specific time?
We deliver 24/7 and commit to delivering at a set time.

3. Can I pick up the equipment myself?

You can! Our office is open Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm.

4. How is the furniture packaged during delivery?

Our furniture is always delivered on pallets, rolls or other specific packaging. If you need the driver to keep the packaging, you must mention it at the time of delivery.

5. Is the furniture set up right after delivery?

We can include furniture setup and take down in our services. Please ask for a quote!


1. How can I get a quote?

You can ask for one by phone, e-mail or through our website. We commit to sending a personalized quote within 24 hours.

2. How do I lock in a quote?

You just have to fax/e-mail it back to us with your stamp and signature.

3. How soon should I place my order?

We recommend you place your order as early as possible to ensure the equipment is available. In some cases we can accept same day orders. br />

4. Is the furniture insured?

Our quote always include insurance coverage for broken or damaged equipment/furniture in case of normal use. However, this excludes theft or loss of the equipment. The insurance fee corresponds to 7% of the rental value of the equipment with a 1.500 EUR tax excluded deductible.

5. What happens if the furniture is damaged, broken or stolen?

In case furniture is damaged or broken, we will charge you for the repair costs with a maximum of 1.500 EUR. In case of theft or loss, we will charge you for the full price of the furniture regardless of the amount.

6. How long do I rent the furniture for?

Our quotes are generally for a 3-day rental. For a longer period, we will prorate the rental fee.


1. What is included in the posted price? Are there any add-ons?

The posted price is for a 3-day rental. In addition you will have to pay the insurance fee (7% of the rental value) and delivery if needed.

2. How much do installation and assembly cost?

This will be quoted separately. Every event is different in terms of location, access, type of furniture rented and time needed to assemble and take down.

3. What is the cost for broken, damaged or stolen equipment/furniture?

In case any furniture is damaged or broken, we will charge you for the repair costs with a maximum of 1.500 EUR. In case any furniture is lost or stolen, we will charge you for the full price of the furniture, regardless of the amount.